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Trifolium repens

Common namesDutch clover, Lammerklee, sheep's gowan, trebol blanco, trêfle blanc, trefle rampant, trevo branco, trifoglio bianco, Trifolii albi et rubri flos, vitklover, Weissklee, white clover
Ecocrop code2105

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A low glabrous, shallow-rooted herbaceous legume spreading by means of stolons. Roots, leaves, or flowers stalks may form at the stolon nodes. Flowers are usually white. USES Grown for pasture and soil improvement, forage, hay, silage, and cover. GROWING PERIOD Long-lived perennial. Grown as a winter annual in warmer areas. In northern areas, it may be sown in early spring, grazed or cut at intervals of 15-30 days during spring and summer, and harvested for seeds 25-30 days after full bloom in fall. Flowers and fruit from spring to fall in its northern regions. COMMON NAMES White clover, Ladino clover, Dutch clover, Trefle blanc, Semanggi landa, Thua clover. FURTHER INF White clover probably originated in the eastern Mediterranean region. In Kenya it can be grown at elevations above 1800 m. A good seed yield in New Zealand is about 750 kg/ha. White clover requires phosphates, sulphur, potash, lime and among trace elements molybdenum in particular. Grown with grasses it is easily suppressed by applications of nitrogen which encourage the grasses to become strongly competitive. Dry matter yields are usually between 1-7 t/ha.
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