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Mentha piperita

SynonymsMentha aquatica x spicata, Mentha x piperita
Common namesAetheroleum menthae piperitae, bohe, brandy mint, Folia Menthae piperitae, hortela, menta, Menthae piperitae herba, menthe, menthe poivree, myata, na'na, Oleum Menthae piperitae, pepermunt, pepermynte, pepparmynta, peppermint, Pfefferminze, seiyo-hakka, Spiritus Menthae piperitae, yang-po-ho
Ecocrop code2099

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A strongly scented, often branched herb reaching a height of 0.3-1 m. The leaves are oblong ovate, dark green with violet veins. USES An essential oil is extracted from the leaves. The oil contains about 50% menthol and is used in food, flavor, and pharmaceutical products. Dried leaves are used in herbal teas, fruit jams, and desserts. The oil is thought to be a natural carminative with some antispasmodic properties. KILLING T The underground stolons can survive -17 or even -30°C in the case of snow cover. Young shoots may tolerate -8°C. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. First shoots may be harvested 40-55 days from planting of divided rootstocks. For tea production 2-3 cuttings can be taken per year and for harvest of essential oil usually 1 harvest per year is taken. Plantations should be maintained for 2, or, rarely 3 years. The crop should not be cultivated in the same field for 4 years. COMMON NAMES Peppermint, Menthe poivree, Pfefferminze, Menta peperina. FURTHER INF Altitudes in the tropics above 1000 m are generally suitable for peppermint. Average annual yield is 12-20 t/ha of green plant, and 30-65 kg/ha of essential oil. The harvest is usually divided on a first cutting which may be 7-14 t/ha and a second cutting of 5-8 t/ha of green plant.
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