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Themeda triandra

SynonymsThemeda australis (R. Br.) Stapf.
Common namesbluegrass, kangaroo grass, red grass, red oat grass, rooigras
Ecocrop code2073

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A tufted grass, 45-180 cm high. USES It is palatable when young, unpalatable when mature. It is best grazed when 70% of the grass is green, that is for a period of four weeks during the short rains. It should be cut for hay at the stage of maximum dry-matter production, which is after about eight week's growth during the long rainy season. It persists best when cut at the end of the growing season. GROWING PERIOD Slow growing perennial grass. COMMON NAMES Red oat grass, Kangaroo grass, Merakan lanang, Bagokbok, Samsamon, Ipatpatey, Sbo':w. Hnnaz feek, Ya-faek, Co' bong cao ru'ng khop, Co'tam hung. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: T. australis, T. imberbis. Dominant in the extensive Acacia-grasslands between 1200-2000 m in East Africa and widespread in grassland and in open woodlands on clay. It can be found at elevations between sea level and 3000 m in Africa and has been recorded at above 3000 m in the Himalayans. It has some drought resistance, responds well to dry-season burning, but will not tolerate flooding. Dry matter yields are usually between 0.5-5 t/ha.
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