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Tectona grandis

AuthorityL. f.
Common namesteak, tiki
Ecocrop code2054

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium to tall deciduous tree usually 25-30 m tall and 1 m in trunk diameter. However, under favorable conditions the tree can reach a height of 50 m and a diameter of 2 m. On good sites it often develops a tall clean cylindrical bole buttressed at the base. USES The timber is very strong and of high quality, remarkable for its constancy under changes of temperature and moisture. It is used for ship decks, bridges, wharves, railway carriages, wagons, shingles, wheels, carving, general carpentry, veneer, plywood, poles, fence posts, fuel and charcoal. Leaves, seeds and bark have medicinal properties. Leaves contain some tannin and bark dye. It is used for reforesttation and mentioned as a possible agroforestry species. KILLING T Usually teak may not withstand 3°C, but in some places, in the northern part of its geografical occurrence, it is recorded to tolerate mild frost. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. It can be grown with a rotation period of 30-60 years. On good sites with deep soils it may withstand a dry season of 4-6 months. COMMON NAMES Teak, Tec, Teca, Sagun, Sagwan, Sag, Tegu, Tegina, Teku, Thekku, Kyun, Yati, Ajate, Dati, Djati, Jate, Hadlajate, Dalanang, Kalayati, Sagunyate. FURTHER INF Teak is native of Southeast Asia. It is usually found on hilly terrain but it may also occur at plains and alluvial flats at elevations from sea level to 900 m. The latitudinal range of natural occurrence is 10-25°N. Teak often leads to soil erosion in pure stands. Young trees should be protected against high winds. The tree is fire resistant when mature. Annual wood production potential is 6-18 m3/ha.
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