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Spinacia oleracea

Common namesepinard, espinaca, spinach, spinacio
Ecocrop code1997

BRIEF DESCRIPTION The two main types of spinach are smooth-leaved and savory-leaved or winkled. A low, glabrous, herbaceous plant, 20-150 cm tall when flowering, with a long taproot and with spreading or erect dark green rosette leaves. The leaf rosette is about 25-50 cm in diameter and 10-20 cm high. USES The leaves are high in vitamin and mineral content, they are marketed frozen, canned, or fresh. It is usually consumed after a light cooking. GROWING PERIOD Annual. Seedligs emerge 6-20 days after sowing, 35-100 days later the leaves are fully grown. Seeds mature about 60-70 days after flowering. COMMON NAMES Spinach, Epinard, Peleng, Puileng, Horenso, Sosolon a gadong a kamo, Puaileng. FURTHER INF Spinach is not known in a wild state. Probably it originated in southwestern Asia. It is best grown in soils well supplied with organic matter and in areas with medium to high relative humidity. Asian, short day cultivars require photoperiods of 12-14 hours to flower, while European, longday culktivars need at least 14 hours. Yields vary from 10 t/ha in Asia to 35 t/ha for summer crops in Europe and the United States.
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