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Sorghum halepense

Authority(L.) Pers.
SynonymsSorghum almum Parodi
Common namesAleppo grass, Arabian millet, capim de Cuba, capim do Alepo, capim macambara', Cuba grass, Egyptian millet, evergreen millet, false Guinea grass, Johnson grass, means-grass, milho zaburro, Morocco millet, peripomonga, racehorse grass
Ecocrop code1983

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect grass, with culms from 60-290 cm in height. It forms extensive underground root systems. USES Used for fodder. KILLING T It is susceptible to frosts but the rhizomes usually survive. GROWING PERIOD Perennial grass growing from spring to autumn. COMMON NAMES Johnson grass, Grama China, Maicillo, Sorguillo, Sorgo de Alepo, Aleppo grass, Don Carlos. FURTHER INF Johnson grass is believed to be of Mediterranean and western Asian origin. It is common in moist areas on river banks, in clay soils and wet sandy soils. Best known as one of the 10 most noxious weeds in the world. It is a serious weed problem in cotton, corn, soybeans, sugarcane, fruit and nut orchards, and vegetables, and mentioned as a problem in 53 countries. In Texas it can yield 17-18 t/ha of hay under irrigation. Rhizomes production may be 10-50 t/ha. Seed yields of 0.3 t/ha are considered good. At day-length of 12 hours is thought to be the optimum for flowering, with above 14 hours of light the grass fail to flower, and above 16 hours all growth processes are inhibited.
Grassland Index- In Ecocrop as synonym Sorghum halepense
Grassland Index- In Ecocrop as synonym of Sorghum almum
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