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Solanum melongena

SynonymsSolanum melongena esculentum
Common namesaubergine, badinjan, baigan, baijani, berenjena, beringela, brinjal, eggplant, eiervrug, gaigani, gilo', jew's apple, jilo', jiloeiro, kathiri (tamil), mad apple, melanzana, melongene, paegani (Tuvalu), paigani, vazhudhanaikkai (malayalam)
Ecocrop code1965

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herbaceous, upright, very slightly woody plant reaching up to 1.5 m in height with large leaves, foliage often spiny, and fruits of varying shape and color with white or cream pulp containing small seeds. USES The fruit is eaten boiled, fried, or stuffed, while unripe fruits are used in curries or pickled. Young fruits are also eaten raw. It has several medicinal properties. The fruit is a source of calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B. The plant can also be grown as an ornamental. GROWING PERIOD Annual or short-lived perennial. First harvest may be taken after 60-120 days, and the harvest-periode may continue up to 240 days, most cultivars continue fruit production into a second year. COMMON NAMES Eggplant, Brinjal, Melongene, Aubergine, Garden egg, Bringelle, Berengena, Berenjera, Eierfrucht, Eierplant, Begun, Begen, Bataun, Baingan, Terong, Kayan, Makeu-a kaou, Ai kwa, Berenjena, Quinea squash, Mad apple, Melanzana, Encung, Tiung, Tarong, Bringhinas, Trab veeng, Trab put lonhoong, Khua poom, Khua hleez, Khua ham maaz, Makhua-yao, Makhua-cha, Makhua-khao. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: S. esculentum, S. coagulans, S. pressum, S. undatum. In the tropics, eggplant can be grown at altitudes up to 1200 m, the yield may, however, be reduced at elevations above 800 m. It prefer medium relative humidity. Optimum day temperatures range between 25-35°C, night temperatues between 20-27°C. Yields vary from 8-14 fruits per plant, equivalent to 20-50 t/ha. The species is probably native to southern and eastern Asia. Now it is spread throughout the tropics, subtropics and the warm temperate regions.
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