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Pyrus communis

Common namesBirne, Birnenbaum, pear, pear tree, pera, peral, pereira, poire, poirier
Ecocrop code1832

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A deciduous tree reaching 4-10 m in height. USES The fruit is eaten fresh, canned, or dried. It used for the manifacture og alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Pear wood is heavy, durable, and used for cutlery, turnery, and veneer. KILLING T -2°C (mature fruit), -2.8°C (small green fruit), -3°C (fruit set), -3.5°C (flower and open buds), -9°C (breaking buds), -12°C (buds), -29 to -34°C (dormant tree). GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Reaching first harvest after 3 years and with an economical life of about 20 years. COMMON NAMES Pear, European pear. FURTHER INF Pear is native of the region around the Caspian sea. Most pears require 600-900 or 1200-1500 hours below 7°C to break rest. It is best adapted to medium humidity and suffers form dry or strong winds. Most pear cultivars require cross-polination to set good crops.
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