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Punica granatum

Common namesChinese apple, dalima, granada, granado, grenade, grenadier, grenadine, melograno, milgrada, mirgadeira, pomegranate, roma, roman, romanzeira
Ecocrop code1829

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A deciduous or evergreen shrub or small crooked tree reaching 2-6 m or sometimes up to 10 m in height, often much branched near the base. The leaves are lanceolate The fruit is a globose berry, 6-12 cm in diameter, with a leathery skin and yellow-green to black-violet in colour. USES The fruits are used as a salad or table fruit and in beverages. The fruit skin contains tannin. Dried bark, roots, fruit rind, and seeds have medicinal properties and are also the source of tannin. The fruit rind is also a source of a dye. The tree can be grown as an ornamnetal. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. The plant may begin to fruit 2-4 years from planting and the fruits ripen about 180 days after flowering. COMMON NAMES Pomegranate, Rumman, Roma, Roman, Grenadier, Granada, Grenade, Granatapfel, Anar, Darimba, Delima, Julnar, Salebin, Talibin, Totum, Ph'iilaa, Thapthim, Phila, Bakoh, Lu'u, Thap lu'u, Roumamman-gloulnar, Rummani, Ximani, Ngukumaanga, Mbona wesilungu, Mkoma manga. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: P. nana. Pomegranate is native of Iran, Afghanistan and the Himalayas. It thrive where winters are cool and summers hot and dry with medium to low humidity, but it require plenty of water at the root. It can be grown at elevations up to 1600 m. Yields may be about 100-200 kg of fruit per fully developed tree per year, about 50-200 fruits per tree or up to 10 t/ha.
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