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Chenopodium album

SynonymsChenopodium album ssp. album L.
Common namesbaconweed, cenizo blanco, dirtweed, dirty dick, fat hen, frost blite, hélunjóli, hvidmelet gåsefod, jauhosavikka, lamb's quarters, lamb's-quarters, meldestokk, midden myles, mjölmålla, mutton tops, pigweed, svinmålla, vitmålla, weißer gänsefuß
Ecocrop code17797

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herb. USES Cultivated for its leaves and seeds.
The seeds are ground into flour and the leaves are eaten as green
vegetables. Both the leaves and seed are rich in iron, calcium, and
vitamins B and C. Parts of the plant produce a reddish-golden dye and
the plant is also used as fodder. GROWING PERIOD Annual. COMMON
NAMES Fat hen, Lamb's-quarters, White goosefoot, Lambsquarter.
FURTHER INF The plant is producing poisons.
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