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Pogostemon cablin

SynonymsPogostemon patchouli
Common namespatchouli
Ecocrop code1763

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small shrub reaching a height of 1-1.5 m. The stems are square and much branched, the flowers small and purplish-white. USES An essential oil is extracted from the dry shoots. It is used as a fixative in soaps, hair tonics, and as flavoring in tobacco. Its fleshy leaves and young buds are used as culinary flavoring. GROWING PERIOD Short-lived perennial, that provide the first harvest 180-210 days after planting and thereafter every 120-180 days. Economical life 2-3 years. COMMON NAMES Patchouli. FURTHER INF Patchouli is native of the Philippines. It is best adapted to high elevations. Mentioned as a useful agroforestry species. Yield from the first cutting is about 1 t of dried leaves per hectare. Subsequent cuttings give 0.5-1 t/ha.
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