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Persea americana

SynonymsLaurus persia L., Persea drymifolia Schlecht & Cham. (1831), Persea gratissima Gaertn. (1807), Persea nubigena L.O. Williams (1950), Persea persea (L.) Cockerell
Common namesadpukat, aguacate, apoka (Cook I), apukado, aviota, avocado, avocatier, avoka, avokaa, avokad, awokado, bata, bo', ie dau, pea
Ecocrop code1659

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small, spreading, evergreen or nearly deciduous tree reaching a height of 20 m although grafted trees usually are 8-10 m tall. Trees in the Mexican group lose nearly all there leaves in winter. It has a low branched trunk and an irregular, densely foliated crown. Fruits are 7-20 cm lang and 7-10 cm in diameter. They may be round, oblong, pear shaped or bottle necked, green or may be tinged with purple. USES The pulp is used as a fresh salad fruit. The pulp can be frozen, used in guacamole and various sauces, and as a flavor in ice creams. The pulp contain 3-30% of an edible oil similar to olive oil. The unripe fruit is poisonous and the ground-up seed mixed with cheese is used as rat
and mouse killer. Mentioned as a useful agroforestry species. KILLING T The Mexican type may tolerate -6øC, but the trees will not tolerate frost during the flowering period. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Trees from seedlings begins to bear after 4-5 years and grafted trees begin to fruit after the 3rd year. Fruits matur
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