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Pastinaca sativa

Common namespanais, parsnip, pastinak
Ecocrop code1642

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herb with a thick taproot and rosette leaves. In the second year the plant may reach 90-180 cm in height and produce flowers and seed. USES Roots and leafy plant tops eaten cooked as vegetables. Roots and fresh leaves have diuretic, sedative, and appetite-stimulative properties. Root extract are used to flavor schnapps, and they contain a starch that hydrolyzes on exposure to cold, creating a sweet root flavour. KILLING T Not sensitive to frost. GROWING PERIOD Cool-season biennial, normally grown as an annual, can be harvested after 80-150 days. Requires two seasons to produce seeds. COMMON NAMES Parsnip, Wild parsnip, Pastenaque, Patenais. FURTHER INF Parsnip is considered native of Europe and temperate Asia. Heavy, stony or lumpy soils will usually produce rough, forked roots. Expected yields of parsnip root are 26-40 t/ha.
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