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Prunus domestica

Common namesameixa, ameixeira, ciruela, common plum, European plum, garden plum, Pflaume, prugno, prune, Quetsche, quetschen plum, susino, Zwetschge
Ecocrop code16203

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small deciduous tree reaching 9-12 m in height. USES The fruit can be eaten fresh, canned, or dried. It is also used for various alcoholic beverages and liqueurs. The wood is hard and can be used for furniture manufacture. KILLING T Mature fruit may tolerate -2.0°C, open puds -5.0°C and the tree is quite winter hardy. GROWING PERIOD Perennial, that fruit after 4-8 years. COMMON NAMES Plum, Common plum, European plum, Garden plum, Prune plum, Prunier d'Europe, Gage. FURTHER INF Plum is native of southwestern Asia, probably to and area near the Caspian and Black Seas. Some types of prunes require minimum 700-1100 hours below 4°C during the dormancy period, others require minimum 1500 hours below 7°C to break the bud dormancy. In the tropics, it can only be grown successfully at high elevations. Humid conditions during the ripening of the fruit are undesirable because they favour the development of brown rot.
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