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Nicotiana tabacum

Common namescultivated tobacco, erva do Grao Prior, erva-santa, tabac, tabacco, tabaco, tabaco de cultura, Tabak, tapaka, tavako, tobacco
Ecocrop code1534

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herbaceous or woody shrub-like plant reaching a height of up to 2-3 m. When young the plant has a rosette-like growth habit, but later produces a stout, erect main axis about 1.5 m tall. The stem bears large, simple, ovate leaves arranged spirally. The leaves vary in size, thickness and texture. They may be up to 50 cm long and the number of leaves is about 20-30. The nicotine content is highest in the uppermost leaves. USES The leaves are cured and dried and used for tobacco cigarettes and cigars, snuff, and as a source of nicotine for insecticides. KILLING T Very sensitive to frost and the duration of the frost-free period is an important production factor. Have been recorded to tolerate -3°C. GROWING PERIOD Annual, or short-lived perennial. Normally grown as an annual. Growing 40-60 days in nursery, about 70-120 days from transplanting to harvest in the tropics and 100-150 days in temperate climates. COMMON NAMES Tobacco. FURTHER INF In the tropics, tobacco can be grown at elevations between 800-1800 m, and it can be grown between 60°N and 40°S. In advanced stages of growth the tobacco leaves can be severely damaged be hail, heavy rain or strong winds. The crop require dry weather when the leaves are maturing, but a prolonged dry period in this period may cause secondary growt
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