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Lagenaria siceraria

SynonymsLagenaria leucantha (Duch.)Rusby, Lagenaria vulgaris Seringe
Common namesabóbora carneira, bian pu, bird-house gourd, bottle gourd, bule, cabaçca, calabas, calabash, calabash gourd, calabash marrow, calabaza de peregrinos, calabaza de San Roque, calabaza viñadera, calabaza viñatera, calebasse, calebassier, cocozza, cojombro, colombro, courge bouteille, cucuzzi, dudhi, dudi, duma, fagufagu, Flaschenkürbis, flaskegræskar, fleskalebas, flessepompoen, fu'afu'a, ghia, ghiya, gourde, guinea bean, hard-shell gourd, hardshell gourd, hyoutan, iselwa, italian edible gourd, kaddis, kaddu, kalabas, kalabasa, kalbas, Kalebassenkürbis, kula, labu botol, labu putin, lauki, lokhi, long squash, louki, maru-yougao, moraka, new guinea bean, pul qua, qara, qara', segwana, suzza melon, tasmania bean, tecomate, Trompetenkürbis, trumpet gourd, tumri, upo, vegetable gourd, white flowered gourd, yougao, zucca, zucca bottiglia, zucca da nuoto, zucca da vino
Ecocrop code1315

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A long ribbed vine with strong tendrils and hard-shelled fruits. The fruit is a pepo, very variable in size and shape, often globular, bottle- or club-shaped, up to 1 m or more long. USES Mature fruit rinds are made into utensils and containers. Immature fruit flesh of selected cultivars is used as a vegetable, usually boiled, fried, dried or in stews. Cultivars differ markedly in sweetness or bitterness. Young shoots can be eaten as a green. The seeds are a popular snack and the can be extracted for oil. The fruit has medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD Annual vine, growing 70-90 days for immature fruit and 100-120 days for mature fruit. Some cultivars have a relatively short growing period of 60-80 days. COMMON NAMES Bottle gourd, White-flowerd gourd, Calabash gourd, Calebasse, Trumpet gourd, Calebassier, Courge bouteille, Cojombro, guiro amargo, Upo, Talayag, Cucuzzi, Zuggo melon, Mo kwa, Oo lo kwa, Labu air, Labu butih, Kukuk, Labu botol, Sel kambang, Botol wara, Upo, Tabungaw, Kalubay, Khlook, Namz taux, Namtao, Manamtao, Khi-luu-saa. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: L. vulgaris, L. leucantha, Cucurbita lagenaria. Bottle gourd probably originated in tropical Africa and now has pantropical distribution. It can be grown year-round at elevations up to 1600 m but economical yields are usually only obtained below 500 m. Short days promote flower formation but have no effect on sex expression. It may be cultivated in either a dry or wet season. Each plant yields about 10-15 fruits. Good yields may be about 20-30 t/ha or 2-3 kg/m˝ and optimal yields may be up to 40-60 t/ha.
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