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Ipomoea aquatica

SynonymsIpomoea repens Roth., Ipomoea reptans (L.) Poir.
Common namesChinese yung-tsai, kangkong, swamp morning-glory, water spinach
Ecocrop code1264

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A succulent vine that trails in shallow ponds, or can climb by twining, with glabrous foliage, and white flowers. It roots freely at nodes. USES Used as a boiled or fried spinach-like dish alone or with other foods. The leaves are a source of vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, riboflavin, and protein. Though stems and extra foliage are used as fodder for pigs and cattle. GROWING PERIOD Short-lived perennial, harvesting may begin 30-40 days after planting cuttings, or about 60 days from sowing. COMMON NAMES Kang kong, Swamp cabbage, Water convolvulus, Water spinach, Patate aquatique, Liseron d'eau, Espinaca acquatica, Karamta, Nilkamli, Mribawa zima, Swamp morning-glory, Kankong, Kangkung, Kango, Balangog, Galatgat, Trakuon, Bongz, Phakbung, Phakthotyot. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: I. reptans (L.) Poir, I. repens Roth., Convolvulus reptans. Kang kong of the semi aquatic type often floats in water. It provides best yields in lowland humid tropical ares. Production land should be flooded to a depth of several centimetre, but the water should not be allowed to become stagnant. Yields may be about 40-60 t/ha for the semi-aquatic form.
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