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Intsia bijuga

Authority(Colebr.) O. Kuntze.
SynonymsAfzelia bijuga (Colebr.) A. Gray, Afzelia cambodiensis Hance, Afzelia retusa Kurz, Intsia amboinensis DC., Intsia cambodiensis (Hance) Pierre, Intsia madagascariensis DC., Intsia retusa (Kurz) O. Kuntze., Jonesia triandra Roxb., Macrolobium bijugum Colebr., Outea bijuga (Colebr.) DC., Pahudia hasskarliana Miq.
Common nameskwila, u'ula
Ecocrop code1263

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A large, deciduous, sympodially branched, broadly crowned tree reaching a height of 30-50 m and a trunk diameter of 150-200 cm. USES The timber is of good quality, used for furniture, turnery, joinery, stairs, window and door frames, floors, and posts. The seeds may serve as a laxative, and extract of the bark contains tannins and is reported to stop diarrhea. A dye can be extracted from the wood and bark. Bark and leaves have medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Plantation trees can in 7-8 years reach a height of 8-16 m with a diameter about 7.5-10 cm. COMMON NAMES Borneo teak, Moluccan ironwood, Ife-lele, Ipi, Ipil-ipil, Kwila, Merbau, Merbua asam, Mirabow, Akle, Anagop, Nala, Balayong, Banuyo, Ipil-ilog, Ipil-talao, Ipil-lalao, Tall, Labing, Labnig, Ipil-nangka, Ipin ti bakir, Nangay, Itil, Kita-kita, Labring, Langan, Langip, Kayu besi, Kwila, Pas, Krakas prek, Lumpho-thale, Pradu-thale, Mabuna, Mulato, Obien, Sauriri, Tauriri, Tugas, Tugul, Tabangi, Tanglangao, Tigal, Tili-tilis. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: I. amboinensis, A. bijuga, I. retusa. Borneo teak is native of Southeast Asia and the islands of the southwestern Pacific. It now occurs from Madagascar and Tanzania over southern India and Myanmar to northern Australia and Polynesia. It is usually found near sea level and is common along sea shores and swamp borders, often in a zone behind the mangrove. It can, however, be found at elevations up to 600 m. It is nitrogen fixing and it is mentioned as a possible agroforestry species. (pH estimated by the compiler).
SOURCES (Intsia bijuga (Colebr.) O. Kuntze)
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