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Agrostis stolonifera

SynonymsA. alba
Common namesCreeping bentgrass, spreading bentgrass
Ecocrop code12170

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A rhizomeous turfgrass of good colour, making a coarse loose turf and reaching 60-90 cm in height. USE Used for pasture, hay and silage. It is a good turfgraas for lawns and golf greens. KILLING T Winter-hardy. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Fields may last 5-20 years. COMMON NAMES Creeping bentgrass, Fiorm, Redtop. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: A. alba, A. palustris. Photosynthesis pathway C4. Creeping bentgrass is common in lowland, marshy areas. It can be found in northern China on meadows on mountains as well as lowland.
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