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Hibiscus cannabinus

SynonymsAbelmoschus verrucosus (Guill. & Perr.) Walp., Furcaria cavanillesii Kostel, Hibiscus unidens Lindl., Hibiscus verrucosus Guill. & Perr., Ketmia glandulosa Moench
Common namesambari, ambary, ambary hemp, bastard jute, bimli jute, bimlipatam tree, bimlipatum jute, brown Indian hemp, canhamo brasileiro, dah (West Africa), deccan hemp, gambo (West Africa), Guinea hemp (Africa), hemp-mallow, Java jute, kenaf, linho de gombo, mesta, mesta hemp, palungi, papoula de Sao Francisco, rama (West Africa), stokroos, teal, teel, til, umbaru
Ecocrop code1213

DESCRIPTION: An erect, herbaceous, single stemmed plant that can reach 1-5 m in height. The flowers are red or yellow with a bright red centre. USES: It is mainly grown as a fiber crop. The fiber is used for ropes, bags, cordages, and carpet yarns and it can also be used as pulp fiber. The seeds contain an oil that is used in lubricants, soaps, linoleum, and paint. Young plants can be used as fodder and young leaves are used as potherbs. The dried stems can be used as fuel. GROWING PERIOD: Cultivated forms are erect herbaceous annuals, growing 100-240 days, can be harvested for fodder after 100 days and for fibre after 120-150 days. COMMON NAMES: Kenaf, Bimli, Bimlipatum jute, Deccan hemp. FURTHER INF.: Kenaf is most probably native of Africa. It can be grown between latitudes 45°N and 30°S and can be found at altitudes up to 1250 m or more. It is adapted to a relative air humidity range of 68-82%. It will flower on a shortening day of 12.5 hours or less. High winds and heavy rain, especially when the crop is near maturity may cause much lodging. Total production of green plants may be about 36 t/ha, yields of fodder from 10-14 t/ha and fiber yields may be 1-6 t/ha. Annual seed yields may be about 350-400 kg/ha. Kenaf has a low resistance to nematodes.
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