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Garcinia xanthochymus

Common names
Ecocrop code1125

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small evergreen tree reaching up to 15 m in height, with a short, straight trunk, more or less horizontal branches and a dense, pyramidal crown. Leaves narrowly oblong, 12-24 cm long, and fruits subglobose, pointed, up to 9 cm in diameter, pale orange to dark yellow. USES The fruit is edible, it has a pleasant acid taste and is mainly used as a breakfast fruit. It is also used for jam, curries and vinegar. The latex is sometimes used in dying. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Asam kandis, Gamboge tree, Mada-luang, Mada, Chank-hasa. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: G. tinctoria, Xanthochymus pictorius. Asam kandis is native of India. The tree is well adapted to shade and humid conditions. Flowering usually occur after pronounced dry weather and often twice a year.
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