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Garcinia mangostana

SynonymsMangostana garcinia Gaertner
Common namescay mang cut, dodol, kadiis, kanabla, king's-fruit, mahng-koot, mang cut, mang khut, manggis, manggustan, mangkhud, mangoestan, mangostan, mangostane, mangostao, mangosteen, mangoustanier, mangustai, mangusto, mesetor, mongkhut, sementah, semetah, settorr
Ecocrop code1122

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small, glabrous, evergreen tree reaching 6-25 m in height with a straight trunk, a pyramidal crown and with oblong or elliptical, deep-green leaves, 15-25 x 7-13 cm. The ripe fruit is 6-7.5 cm in diameter, slightly flattened, with a smooth, somewhat leathery skin which is deep red to reddish-purple in colour. USES The fruit is mostly eaten fresh and is rich in carbohydrate. The fruit rind contains tannin and dye. Both the rind and bark have several medicinal properties. The wood is strong and used for carpentry. GROWING PERIOD Slow-growing perennial. In tropical climate, trees may begin to fruit 5-8 years from transplanting. In cooler climates it make take 10-20 years. They have an economical life of about 50 years. COMMON NAMES Mangosteen, Mangoustan, Mangouste, Mangostan, Manggustan, Dodol, Mang-khut, Manggis, Mangostao, Mangoustanier, Manggis, Sementah, Mesta manggis, Mangustai, Mang-khut, Java mangosteen, Purple mangosteen, Mongkhut, Mangkhud, Mang-khut, Cay mang cut. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: G. garcinia. Mangosteen is native of Malaysia. It can be grown in the humid tropical lowlands from sea level to 600-1000 m, with a optimum humidity of 80-100% and no dry season (or only a very short one). Traditional growing centres are largely within 10° of the equator, but orchards in Queensland, Madagascar and Honduras indicate that its potential range is wider. Shade is required during the early years and shelter throughout life. Yields of between 200 and 2000 fruits per tree, or 4-8 t/ha have been recorded. Mentioned as a useful agroforestry species.
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