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Fragaria x ananassa

Authority(Duchesne) Guédes
SynonymsFragaria ananassa Duchesne (1766), Fragaria chiloensis (L.) P. Miller x Fragaria virginiana P. Miller (1750), Fragaria vesca L. race ananassa Duchesne (1766)
Common namesarben, dâu tây, dessert strawberry, erdbeere, fraise, fraisier ananas, fresa, garden strawberry, jordbær, jordgubbe, morango, morangueiro de cultura, strawberry, stroboeri, tarhamansikka
Ecocrop code1112

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small herb with a short central stem (the crown), a rosette of dark-green, trifoliate leaves, runners and fleshy fruits with small seeds embedded in the surface, bright red when mature. During the summer months, runners develop on the parent plants and these runners are used as propagation material. USES The fruits are a good source of vitamin C, it is eaten fresh, frozen, in confectionery or made into jam, ice cream, or beverage. KILLING T Flowers may not tolerate frosts of -0.5°C to -3°C, while resting plants may survive -15°C to -20°C. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Can be harvested 180-270 days from planting, economical life 2-4 years. COMMON NAMES Garden strawberry, Dessert strawberry, Strawberry, Fraise, Fraisier ananas, Arben, Fresa, Troboeri, Dau tay. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: F. chiloensis x F. virginiana, F. vesca race ananassa. Garden strawberry is derived from a natural crossing in Europe around year 1750. It thrive in mild climates, without extremes of temperature and humidity. Windbreaks, mulching and irrigation is recommended to limit stress. It require a period of winter chilling to overcome the dormancy period, the chilling temperatures and period differ among cultivars. Flowering and fruiting demand a fairly dry season. In waterlogged conditions soil fungi may kill the plant. In the tropics cultivation is successful above 1000 m. Average fruit yields range from 10-60 t/ha.
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