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Vitis labrusca

SynonymsVitis lambrusca
Common namesfox grape, Isabella grape, labrusca, Labrusca grape, plum grape, skunk grape, uva de raposa
Ecocrop code10895

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Deciduous herbaceous vine. USE: Few of the grapes used to make wine are pure labrusca because most have been accidentally cross-pollinated with other species, including vinifera. All labrusca-type wines share, to varying degrees, a characteristic aroma and flavour traditionally and inexplicably described as foxy. This is another way of saying that they smell like Concord grape juice and have a strong grapey personality. The best-known wine varieties are Concord, Catawba, Delaware, and Niagara. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: Fox grape. FURTHER INF: It is believed to be native to North America. It has certain winter dormancy requirements. In contrary to V. vinefera, fox grape, do well in regions with summer rains and high humidity. Dormant wines may be damaged at -22°C to -28°C.
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