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Triticum durum

SynonymsTriticum aestivum ssp. durum (Desf.) Thell., Triticum turgidum convar. durum (Desf.) Bowen, Triticum turgidum L. var. durum
Common namesalkamh assalb, blé dur, durum hvede, durum kveite, durum vete, durum weizen, durum wheat, grano duro, hartweizen, lúa mì cúng, Macaroni wheat, trigo duro, ying li xiao mai
Ecocrop code10582

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A grass and cereal crop. USES It produces hard grain with a high gluten content that is made into flour and used mainly for the manifacture of paste products and bread. GROWING PERIOD Annual grass, growing 120-180 days. COMMON NAMES Durum wheat, Durum. FURTHER INF Plants are fairly resistant to drought, rust, and smut fungi.
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