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Trifolium incarnatum

Common namesblut klee, carnation clover, crimson clover, French clover, inkarnat klee, Italian clover, scarlet clover, trébol rojo, trefle du Rousillon, trevo carmesim, trifoglio incarnato
Ecocrop code10534

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A hebaceous, legume reaching 30-90 cm in height, with crimson colored, conical flower heads. USES Used for hay, pasture, silage, and soil protection and improvement. Flowers are a source of honey. GROWING PERIOD Annual. Grown as an winter-annual in the Colf coast region in the U.S. Autumn sown in Brazil it provides groundcover in 75-95 days, flowers after 110-150 days, and mature in 135-170 days. Flowers in the spring and fruits until early summer. COMMON NAMES Crimson clover, Trevo encarnado, Scarlet clover. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: T. molineri, T. noeanum, T. spicatum, T. stramineum. Crimson clover is native of southeastern Europe and Caucasus. Development of flower stems is initiated when daylength is over 12 hours. Dry matter yields may be between 2-4 t/ha.
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