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Trifolium fragiferum

Common namesErdbeer klee, strawberry clover, strawberry-headed clover, trebol fresero, trefle fraise, trefle porte-fraise, trevo morango, trifoglio fragifero
Ecocrop code10530

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A creeping stoloniferous legume rooting at the nodes reaching 15-40 cm in height, with pale-pink flower-heads and ovate pods each containing two light brown seeds. USES It provides a good pasture, green manure and can also be used on lawns. It is a source of honey. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Flowers in May-June and fruits in June-July in Europe. It propagate itself by seed. COMMON NAMES Strawberry clover, Strawberry headed clover, Strawberry trefoil, Strawberry headed trefoil, Trefle fraise, Trefle port-fraise, Trefle capiton, Nifil el Fraiz, Nifil. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: T. ampullescens, T. bonanni, T. congestum, T. neglectum, T. fragiferum var. pulchellum. Native to the Mediterranean region and Central Europe. Its natural habitat are humid and moist shady places, river sands, damp open plains, wet meadows, river valleys and bogs at elevations between sea level and 1750 m.
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