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Tetragonia tetragonioides

Authority(Pallas) O. Kuntze
Common names
Ecocrop code10370

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A low growing, vigorous, sprawling and much-branched herbaceous plant reaching 30-40 cm in height with a spread of 100-125 cm. USES The edible portion of the plant is the succulent terminal growth of the lateral shoots, usually consumed as a cooked vegetable. The leaves can be used raw in salads and they are suitable for deep-freezing like ordinary spinach. GROWING PERIOD Annual or short-lived perennial. Harvesting of the terminal shoots may begin 2-3 months after sowing and continue for severel months. COMMON NAMES New Zealand spinach, Warrigal cabbage, Tetragone, Tetragone cornue, Epinard d'ete, Kabak, Ispinaka, Extranjera de Nueva Zelandia, Tetragono, Neuseelander Spinat, Nieuwzeelandse spinazie, Espinaca de New Zealand, Kabak. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: T. expansa, Demidovia tetragonioides. New Zealand spinach is native of coastal areas of Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Japan, China and Taiwan. In the tropics, New Zealand spinach is best grown at elevations between 1000-1700 m, at low elevations the crop is much less vigorous. It is not very tolerant of heat but can indure long periods of drought. Yields may be 2.5 t/ha or 2.5 kg/m2 per harvest or 30 t/ha per year.
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