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Terminalia chebula

Authority(Gaertner) Retz.
Common names
Ecocrop code10327

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium-sized deciduous tree reaching up to 25 m in height, often with a short, cylindrical bole of 5-10 m in length and 60-80 cm in diameter, dark brown bark and a rounded crown with spreading branches. USES The fruits are rich in tannin and are used in the leather industry. A dye can be prepared from the fruits. The fruits also have numerous medicinal properties. The wood is used as construction timber and for furniture, carts and implements, but is not of much value. KILLING T Fairly frost-hardy. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Chebulic myrobalan, Myrabolan tree, Black myrobalan, Myrobalan noir, Myrobolan noir, Manja lawai, Manja puteri, Manja patut, Sramaa, Sa mao tchet, Somz moox kh'ook, Maa-nae, Samo thai, Maaknae, Ca lich, Chieu lieu xanh, Harra, Hirda, Anale, Kadakai, Karaka, Panga. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: T. tomentella. Chebulic myrobalan occurs in deciduous forest, extending into relatively dry types at elevations up to 2000 m. It is drought hardy, fire resistant and withstands some shade in youth.
SOURCES (T. chebula Retz.)
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