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Syzygium cumini

Authority(L.) Skeels
SynonymsEugenia cumini (L.) Druce, Eugenia jambolana Lamk., Jambolifera sinensis Spreng., Myrtus cumini L., Syzygium cumini Skeels, Syzygium jambolanum (Lam.) DC.
Common namesblack plum, black plum tree, duhat, duwet, hakhiphae, Indian blackberry, jam, jaman, jamblang, jambolan, jambolan-plum, jambu, jambul, jambulana, jamelão, jamélongue, jamun, Java plum, jiwat, lomboi, madan, malabar plum, mzambarau, naval, obah, Portuguese plum, pring bai, thabyay-hypyoo, trâm môc, va, vôi rung, wa
Ecocrop code1030

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium sized evergreen tree usually 10-15 m in height but can reach 30 m. The bole is short and stout, low branched and usually 40-100 cm in diameter. The crown is irregular and globose. USES The fruits can be eaten raw or made into juice, jellies, syrup, vinegar, wine, tarts, and pudding. The tree is planted for shade, ornament, windbreaks, and hedges. Flowers yield a quality honey. The wood is used for construction, veneer, carts, boats, masts, oars, mine timbers, railroad crossties, and firewood. The bark yields tannin and dye. Bark, fruit, seed and leaves have medicinal properties. KILLING T Will die from cold weather. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. It is fast-growing and can reach 4 m in 2 years. Withstands a dry season of up to 6-7 months. COMMON NAMES Java plum, Jamun, Jambolan, Jambolan plum, Jaman, Jambu, Jambool, Black-olum tree, Portuguese plum, Malabar plum, Madan, Thabyebyi, Jiwat, Obah, Indian blackberry, Duhat, Black plum, Jambul, Nerlu, Naval, Neredu, Mzambarau, Thabye, Jamelongue, Kalajam, Jam, Dhakijam. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: E. jambolana, Syzygium cumini, S. jambolanum. Java plum is native of India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Aus
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