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Eucalyptus robusta

Common namesgunnung, mahogany gum, stringybark, swamp mahogany
Ecocrop code1023

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium sized evergreen tree usually attaining heights of 20-30 m, but in Hawaii some specimens have reached 55 m. The trunk can reach diameters up to 100 cm. The trunk is typically straight and about 1/2 the tree height. The crown has long, spreading, irregular branches. USES Timber is used for constructions in contact with the ground, underground piling, poles, and fenceposts. It makes a good fuel. The tree is planted for shade, windbreaks, and as an ornamental. It is a source of honey. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Can be grown on 35-50 years rotations for timber-wood. Withstands droughts of up to 4 months. COMMON NAMES Swamp mahogany, White mahogany, Australian brown mahogany, Swamp messmate, Robusta, Beakpod eucalyptus, Brown gum, Red gum, Robusta eucalyptus, Australian swamp mahogany, Eucalipto del alcanfor, Eucalipto de pantano, Eucalipto comun, Eucalipto achatado. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: E. multiflora. In Australia, the tree can be found at elevations between sea level and 100 m, elsewhere up to 1600 m. The natural latitudinal range in Australia is 23-35°S. The species is indigenous to a narrow coastal belt from Queensland to south of Bega, New South Wales, Australia. The tree is best adapted to moist conditions and it has a restricted topographical range, mainly occurring in swamps and on the edges of saltwater estuaries and lagoons, or rarely on the lower slopes of valleys. The normal annual wood production potential is 14-28 m3/ha, in Brazil, Chile, and Madagascar the optimum annual wood production have been recorded to 35 m3/ha. The tree tolerates salt winds and it can regenerate rapidly. However, the top break readily in strong winds.
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